Building in Panama

I have just begun writing about the joys of building - I am specifically writing about Panama, Panama - as this is where I am currently living and where I witness the largest problems.  The material is important anywhere in the world so it is still relavent. If someone you know has directed you to this page then they feel you need some help or at least to have your eyes opened to the realities of life.  If you know of someone threatning to build a home then you owe it to them to point them to this site. There are a huge number of building projects going on all over Panama but the only one that really matters is YOURS.  You will be spending your hard earned savings on your dream home in Paradise - Lets help you make that dream come true and not turn into the nightmare it so often does.

The subjects listed below are in no particular order and will be fleshed out as I have the time to do so.  In the meantime use them as starting points for your own thinking and planning. 

Building a home goes way beyond the old story of trying to "wallpaper" a room together and stay married.

Who am I *A backup power supply  
Do I need/want a pool *Horror stories I have witnessed Do I need a bohio
Garage vs: carport *Deposits rendered - deposits gone Equipment room
Air conditioning *Someone you trust as eyes and ears *Space planning
*They will never notice! *"That's the way we do it in Panama" ?? *Electrical Supply
*Water Pressure/supply *References, references and references Building permits
*Internet - a way of life

Have you ever built a house "back home"?

*Details details details

*They won't know the difference

*Plan then plan some more and then one more time.

*That's "good enough"!

Back fill nightmares Slope of land - it rains here - It "really rains" sometimes Septic System

* All of the references refer to normal homes the * items refer as well to condos.
These are just some of the topics I intend to cover over the coming months.  - refer to it as you wade into the building process and make sure you become knowledgeable on every topic listed or you will not be a happy camper in the end.

One small thing that I would urge right from the start.  If you do not intend to live in Panama while your home is being built that you find a trusted friend in Panama that will visit the site on a regular basis and keep you informed as to just what is happening.  Yes you will or should pay that person but it will be the best investment you will ever make.  Do not leave it to "the contractor, architect or engineer" that you have just met.


Good Luck