"They will never notice"


Pay attention, Pay attention

You are not thinking DETAILS

Every contractor, builder, developer, tradesman has uttered that phrase more often than they will ever admit.  I did it as well.  It's not nice and many times it is of little consequence but its a slippery slope and if you are not paying attention those details will add up to one big mess.  A simple example here in Panama.  Close the door, any door in a home.  Look at the frame finish.  Odds are they "forgot" to finish the inside of the frame.  So far I have found one, 1, uno - that was finished on both sides.  "they will never notice"?  Do not, I repeat do not take anything for granted.  I can't pound that point hard enough.
All of the details in the material I have assembled should be covered by your architect BUT only if you ask the right questions - believe me - "they will never notice"

This is an important chapter as with any luck you will live in this home until >>>>

Every detail you did not notice during construction will come back to haunt you as long as you live in the house and over time it will drive you totally nuts.  "they will never notice"

Here are some basic examples. 

- Counter width  "they will never notice"
- Depth of sink    "they will never notice"
- Placement of water heater/s and venting of same   "they will never notice"
- Venting of dryer and proximity to propane   "they will never notice"
- Light switches   "they will never notice"

- Door width  "they will never notice"
- Wiring gauge  "they will never notice"

- Position of fans and wiring so they can be totally controlled by the wall switch.   "they will never notice"
- Wall plugs hight and numbers   "they will never notice"
- Doors square and vertical and properly framed according to plan detail  "they will never notice"
- Windows "ditto"
- Shower floor slope.  This is a running joke here.  It has been proven time and again that water in Panama  does not run uphill.  Check every shower carefully at every step.  "they will never notice"


 So think about it
- Are you a "handy kinda guy"?  Critical point.
Are you going to be on site and able to communicate without pissing everyone off.  Sorry but there is no nice way to express that important point. 
You need to be here and you need to be able to communicate "nicely" that this stuff is important.  Start ranting and cursing and you WILL lose.  Believe me.

These are just a very few random things that you need to consider in planning the project so think about it carefully. Very carefully.  Are you ready for all this?