"Water Pressure & Supply"


Pay attention, Pay attention

Things get nasty when there is no water!

The water supply system from the local utility IDANN is very simply put "old, undersized, decrepit, tired, leaky, weak etc.  I am actually being nice here believe me.
If you build your own home on a private lot you NEED to budget for a well.  At the very least you need to budget for a decent size reserve/storage tank and "properly sized" pressure system.  THIS IS A MUST DO MINIMUM.
The water goes dry more often than the power goes out and you need to be prepared. You will see a leak along the road sometimes for days before it gets fixed.  In the meantime your pressure is down to almost nothing and there is very little you can do about it.  Even at full pressure the IDANN system will not be sufficient to run your household needs.  As I said above a "properly sized" pressure system is a MUST.  Do not think for a minute that you can do without.  
NO.  Sticking your reserve tank on a stand in the yard is not a pressure system unless your stand is 40 feet high.  You need a "pressure system".  Google it and understand it or regret it forever.
Get an independent quote - again your builder will usually go undersize and cheap as he does not want your budget to get out of hand until you are in so deep that you cannot get back out.  Start putting prices on every page of this web site and you might just think twice about building that dream house in paradise.  Remember some of these problems go away if you buy into the right condo.  But that is for another chapter.

- Location of sytem
- Size and type of system
- Proper filtration system for both well and IDANN water.

- Proximity to pool - think noise in home every time pump starts
- Protection of system from elements and vandalism.
- Brand name products that are easily repaired
- Ease of access so they can be repaired and or replaced
- Professional electrical and plumbing contractors.
- Emergency shut down procedures if/when a leak or break occurs.
- A good reliable/available contact for when the above happens.
- Now sit back and relax and have a glass of water.


 So think about it

- Are you a "handy kinda guy"?  Critical point.
Are you going to be on site and able to communicate all of the above without pissing everyone off.  Sorry but there is no nice way to express that important point. 
You need to be here and you need to be able to communicate "nicely" that this stuff is important.  Start ranting and cursing and you WILL lose.  Believe me.

These are just a very few random things that you need to consider in planning the project so think about it carefully. Very carefully.  Are you ready for all this?